Waste Water Technologies

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Clearflow Calculator


CF 600sm

Clearflow System

ClearFlow Systems provide a continuous batch treatment process, fully automated and completely adaptable format. Process rates up to 1,600 gallons per hour, with exceptional ease of operation.


Ozone Systems

High output ozone generation, up to 240 g/hr in either a circulation or aeration format for the reduction of organics, BOD and COD, coagulation of solids and destruction of bacteria.

Nanobubble 1

Nano Bubble

Patented Carbon Ceramic Nano Bubbler technology provides the smallest nano bubble at the highest concentration available - 1,000,000,000 Nano Bubbles into a cubic centimeter.


Dry Chamber Flash Evaporation System

Flash Evaporate Up to 3,600 gallons per day via RGF Thermo Oxidizers. Clarified waste water is atomized into a dry ceramic refractory lined chamber. Minimize off-site trucking!!!

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