Dry Chamber Flash Evaporation System​

Dry Chamber Flash Evaporation System

RGF Thermo Oxidizers are a unique method of liquid destruction. Through Flash Evaporation the liquid waste is atomized and sprayed under pressure into a dry ceramic refractory lined chamber.

At 1250°F all VOC’s and organics are oxidized, and dissolved and suspended solids are oxidized to ash.

Solid contaminants are reduced to a powdered inorganic ash for easy removal. The unit eliminates the typical evaporator problems of corrosion, foaming, residual slurry, V.O.C. emissions, and difficult to clean evaporator chambers.


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Model #
Chamber Volume
Disposal Rate
Weight (Approx.)


58 Cubic ft.

30 GPH

9,000 Lbs.

3/16″ Steel Plate


80 Cubic ft.

60 GPH

11,000 Lbs.

3/16″ Steel Plate


118 Cubic ft.

150 GPH

23,000 Lbs.

3/16″ Steel Plate

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