Floc & FR​

Let’s dispel some myths about water treatment polymer, known as floc or elephant snot,  as well as its sibling – Friction Reducer, aka FR. These materials are “Easy Cleans,” and yet they are capable of humbling even the most seasoned tankwash operator. With John-Henry TRIPLE PLAY® you can return to profitability while making your customers very happy.

TRIPLE PLAY was developed as a safe and effective polymer pre-solve for the tank washing industry. It is an emulsifiable blend of solvents and natural oils, and works differently than most polymer pre-solves. Instead of causing the polymer to swell. TRIPLE PLAY encapsulates them, allowing their removal by a simple steam and hot-water flush. The solvents contained in this product are non-flammable and present little inhalation hazard. TRIPLE PLAY contains nothing to damage, activate, or corrode stainless steel or other metals, and it is safe to use through all types of equipment. Typical wash times for road tankers and ISO tank containers are one hour and 10 minutes. A guideline (SOP) is listed below.

TRIPLE PLAY is available in 55 Gallon Drums and 275 Gallon One-Way Tote Tanks

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Outside The Box Chemistry

Everything Has Changed

Polymer technology changes continually. Detergents and procedures that worked well ten years ago may no longer be effective. Perhaps some "Outside The Box" thinking will deliver the results you need.

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