The modern tank wash deploys hot vats with specialty detergents in order to emulsify materials that would not rinse off with only water.

Old School: Blast with hot caustic soda.

New School: Use detergents designed to wet, penetrate, chelate, saponify, sequester, and emulsify the soils.

Along with elevated temperatures, the reactions occur more rapidly, thereby increasing equipment and wash rack utilization.

Latex Detergent

Harder and harder to remove, these materials require dedicated chemistries for removal. When set-up or hardened, latex detergents must be prepared to deliver smaller molecules, with higher kauri-butanol value, and strong saponification characteristics so as to re-solubilize these waterborne emulsions. Hot Vat solutions prepared with John-Henry EMULSI-FIRE SB and CROSSLINK booster, will provide the cleaning power needed for latex removal.


Most fiberglass resins, or any other material that is just about set-up, can be easily cleaned and emulsified with John-Henry TC-202. When the quantity of vats is limited, if lube oils are to be cleaned along with resins, John-Henry MAGNUM is a stellar performer, especially for longevity of the cleaning solution. It can work stand-alone, or as an additive to caustic solutions.


Shippers like to top load them, so that when they arrive at a tank wash they are just about set up. This is typical in road tankers (not ISO tanks). A detergent vat with John-Henry TC-555 will remove isocyanates in short order. There are some limitations – Call for guidance.

Caustic Boosters

Old School meets New School. OK, so you really want a 15% caustic wash. No problem. Add John-Henry INSTANT TC to your vats and get all the benefits of a highly built detergent system & caustic soda.

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