LEL Reduction​

Don’t let tragedy needlessly strike you, your tank wash personnel, your facilities. Flammable vapor incidents have been on the rise, and it does not need to be that way.  

Vapo-Lock Encapsulating Agent works at the molecular level to form bonds around hydrocarbons, rendering liquids and vapors inert. It rapidly dissolves hydrocarbon sludge and residue, reducing the concentration of hydrocarbon vapors below their Lower Explosive Limit (LEL). Vapo-Lock quickly and safely returns the tank for inspections, repairs or general clean-out. It can be safely applied to all stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon steel tanks without harm. After a wash-out & rinse, Vapo-Lock does not leave a residue.

All Tanks should be inspected and checked for VOC levels before cleaning begins. Verify that no liquid is in the sump area and tank has been fully drained. If residue is in sump area, follow proper procedure for emulsifying or encapsulating material before neutralizing flammable vapors.

A 3% solution of Vapo-Lock is applied through the John-Henry Simplicity Fogger when only flammable vapors remain, and via spinner system where substantial flammable heel remains. All applications should be applied below 180°F. Benzene and H2S levels will be reduced, with benzene levels less than 1 ppm. The concentration of vapors will be below the LEL. Thicker deposits and sludge can be quickly removed. The same 3% solution may be applied to tank exteriors using a scrub brush to remove deposits, followed by a water rinse. Personnel are safe from the dangers of low flash point solvents or degreasers and are not contributing to the waste by using diesel fuel as a solvent.

1. Visually inspect tank interior prior to entering wash bay. Note how much heel remains.

2. With bottom discharge valve closed, fog tank with John-Henry Simplicity Fogger through the manway, with 5 gallons of a 3% solution of John-Henry Vapo-Lock® taken from a warm tank. This procedure encapsulates flammable vapors.

3. Drive the tank into the wash bay.

4. With bottom discharge valve closed, flush tank with the appropriate amount of 3% Vapo-Lock solution, pre-heated to 100°F as a one-pass pre-wash. Better details found in SOP Framework PDF 

5. Drain and pump all fluid from Step 4 via air diaphragm pump into a storage tank for disposal.

6. Switch Solution vat to John-Henry MAGNUM detergent – Perform closed loop recirculation wash for 15 minutes.

7. Rinse, Dry, Inspect Tank.

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