Specialty Products

Specialty Products is the repository for the products that seem to not have a perfect fit in a category – yet they have a home in most tank washes.


John-Henry FOAM-X® is a 10% silicone emulsion used to knock down foam in detergent vats and waste water treatment. It is also available in 30% concentration.

Tar Remover

Whether internal or external, tar needs to emulsify. John-Henry ATR-220® dissolves tar and rinses it away freely without re-adhering to the surface.

Boiler Treatment

Often misunderstood, boiler treatment should never be optional at a tank wash. Much like a working water softener, proper use of this material will insure the longevity of the boiler. John-Henry B-5925® All-In-One boiler treatment does just that. Once the treatment program begins, reporting test results will allow John-Henry to adjust the treatment for your exact needs.

Corrosion Inhibitor

In non stainless steel vessels, whether blasted or chemically treated for rust removal, an effective corrosion inhibitor will buy you some time before painting. John-Henry FORMULA 1601® is that product. 100:1 dilution makes it super-economical to use.

Decal Remover

Unapologetically methylene chloride-based, John-Henry SPEED-STRIP® is the fastest acting decal and paint remover. ‘Nuff said.

Adhesive Remover

OK – So you have removed decals, or you are working on tanks that have 2-year-old adhesive, and it needs to come off quickly. With John-Henry SPEED STRIP® old and new adhesives melt away with minimal effort.

White-Glove Prep

Dealing with rejection. Nothing moves profits to losses faster than getting rejected at a loading rack due to a thin film of airborne particulates, or a spot or two that did not rinse well. Put down that methanol and use John-Henry FORMULA 2020® instead. This white-glove prep is fast drying and not a poisonous material. 

LEL Reducer

When working with flammable materials, heels and vapors are one mis-step away from tragedy. The solution is to drop the LEL of the material so that it is no longer capable of ignition. John-Henry VAPO-LOCK® is that solution.

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Outside The Box Chemistry

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Polymer technology changes continually. Detergents and procedures that worked well ten years ago may no longer be effective. Perhaps some "Outside The Box" thinking will deliver the results you need.

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