Odor Control

Have you ever walked into a room and the aroma was pleasant – like a sweet lavender or citrus? Those will get your tank rejected in a heartbeat. By definition, a clean tank must be “odor free.” If it smells like deodorizers that we enjoy for home and institutional usage, the tank may be deemed “dirty.”

The simple solution to this potential problem, is to use deodorizing and/or encapsulation products that perform the function of a) delivering an un-identifiable aroma of freshness, and b) encapsulating offending molecules so that they are much heavier than air, and sink to the bottom of the tank where they are easily drained out.


When an economical deodorizer desired, John-Henry GAMMA SPRAY® delivers a pleasant aroma, especially after steaming a tank with just a small amount inside. The end result is a tank smells “fresh,” but the operator will not readily identify the particular fragrance. Were it cherry or citrus, for example, it could be perceived that benzaldehyde or d-limonene was present – then the rejection.

GAMMA NEBULA          

As with Gamma Spray, GAMMA NEBULA® delivers an unidentifiable aroma, but with an odor encapsulating feature, that engulfs offending molecules, and as they become heavier than air, they precipitate to the bottom of the tank, where liquid is drained out. This product is an excellent way to finish an acrylate wash, as the starting alcohols can be quite odorous. It is also an excellent additive for a vapor scrubber solution.

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