When cleaning isocyanates there are several methods and options. But some factors should be considered, as follows:

Is there a monoethanolamine vat system?

Is there a dedicated vat system for washing isocyanates?

Is there a high pressure (150 psi) boiler present?

If an MEA system is in use, then problem solved! Use 99% pure monoethanolamine, or John-Henry M-Pinge 99®

If no MEA system is available, but a dedicated vat is, then an option exists where a liquid caustic potash / John-Henry TC-555 blend will work very well. This is a method whereby the isocyanate will be pounded for 1-2 hours at 190°F with a high volume pump/spinner combination. 

Lastly, if no vat is available and you no not want to pass up profitable isocyanate washing, use John-Henry M-Pinge 99® as a vapor impingement cleaner. By pouring 15 gallons (ISO) or 30 gallons (Road Tanker) of M-Pinge 99 and then applying steam to the tank’s coils for 4 hours, the isocyanate will melt away into the solution. Capture for reuse, and rinse tank several times with hot water. Dry tank. 

NOTE: The contaminated solution can be used to clean 2 or 3 more tanks via vapor impingement.

MEA System

Use John-Henry M-Pinge 99® undiluted at 250°F (122°C)

Detergent Vat System

Use KOH / John-Henry TC-555® at the ratios specified on the Technical Data Sheet.

Vapor Impingement

Following the supplied SOP, pour John-Henry M-Pinge 99® into tank. Apply regulated steam (30 psi) to the tank’s coils for up to 4 hours. By maintaining 250°F for 2 hours all the isocyanate will be removed. Turn off steam and allow tank to cool until internal temperature falls below 185°F.

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