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Tank Wash Solutions, a John-Henry Company serves the tank cleaning industry through strategic partnerships with top manufactures and distributors of Specialty Chemicals, Custom built Tank Cleaning Systems, and Waste Water Technologies.

Our mission: Have a positive impact on our clients’ P&L statements by designing the best solution, with the right provider, within a reasonable budget.

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Specializing in chemistry to effectively remove the most difficult materials from your tanks. LATEX - RESINS - FLOCS - ISOCYANATES - LUBE OILS - FOOD GRADE - ODOR CONTROL - LEL REDUCTION - PASSIVATION

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Environmental Compliance Equipment is a technology company that designs, develops, implements and maintains industrial waste water treatment systems worldwide. ECE provides multiple technologies custom tailored for your individual needs.

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Dry Chamber Flash Evaporation Systems by RGF are a unique method of liquid destruction. Through Flash Evaporation the liquid waste is atomized and sprayed under pressure into a dry ceramic refractory. At 1250°F all VOC’s and organics are oxidized, and dissolved and suspended solids are oxidized to ash. Systems are available in 30, 60, 150 GPH.

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Derby City Pump & Valve is a strategic partner of Tank Wash Solutions. They specialize in fabricating all products necessary for industrial tank cleaning facilities to operate quickly and efficiently. Vats, Pump Systems, Platforms & Tip-Outs, Fall Protection - And Plenty of friendly Expertise to get your tank wash project off the ground



DDSCO specializes in fabricating CIP systems for the food industry, as well as specialty Monoethanolamine Closed Loop Wash Systems for isocyanate removal. They are a family owned business operating for over 50 years, and they are a strategic partner of Tank Wash Solutions.

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